Monday, 9 May 2016


The most exciting 15th edition of the  EuroChampionship go live on june 10,2016 organised by UEFA.
Every member association within UEFA (each country's domestic association) is assigned a coefficient which is based on a complex mathematical formula that takes into account a variety of factors including the performance of teams from that association in recent UEFA tournaments (looking back five years, I think). The various associations are ranked according to these coefficients, and spots in various stages of the Champions League and Europa League are allocated based on that ranking. Teams earn those spots according to their finishing order in their domestic league. 

So, for example, the association with the highest coefficient is the FA of England, so it gets the highest allocation of spots in UEFA tournaments: 4 automatic spots in the group stage of the Champions League and, I believe, at least one or two spots in the Europa league as well. So the teams who just finished 1–4 in the Premier League will all get automatic spots in the group stage of next year's Champions League, and (I think) the teams that finished 5 and 6 will enter some stage of the Europa League.

Prize money
As of 2015–16, UEFA awards €2 million to the play-offs winners and €3 million to the eliminated clubs in the play-off round. For reaching the group stage, UEFA awards a base fee of €12 million. A win in the groups is awarded with €1.5 million and a draw is worth €500,000. In addition, UEFA pays teams reaching the first knockout round €5.5 million, each quarter-finalist €6 million, €7 million for each semi-finalist, €10.5 million for the runners-up and €15 million for the winners.
·         First Qualifying Round: €200,000
·         Second Qualifying Round: €300,000
·         Third Qualifying Round: €400,000
·         Play-offs Eliminated: €3,000,000
·         Play-offs Winners: €2,000,000
·         Base fee for group stage: €12,000,000
·         Group match victory: €1,500,000
·         Group match draw: €500,000
·         Round of 16: €5,500,000
·         Quarter-finals: €6,000,000
·         Semi-finals: €7,000,000
·         Losing finalist: €10,500,000
·         Winning the Final: €15,000,000
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Monday, 2 May 2016